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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day Hiking Gear and Tips

Only those who love hiking know what it is to tread a path less trodden or make your own way through the green, to breath in the reviving smell of the forest or to stand on top of a mountain. The experience as well is better felt than told. Hiking could also be therapeutic and one of the best ways to destress yourself. However, a proper planning is important. It is essential to have a knowledge about the area or possess a map of it along with a hiking backpack, as light as possible, that has hiking gears and kits needed during the journey. These few things in hand and ideas in mind can make hiking safer and pleasurable any day.

As far as gears and kits are concerned, there are all types of them available in stores. A plan and a little research will get you the right stuffs. There are also useful advises and hiking ideas online. If you are going on a long hike or biking, you may need a backpack that can also keep your fluids cool to beat the heat on the road. Hydration Backpack Cooler, model 648-00, from Picnic Time is just the right stuff. It has a two-liter reservoir, 67 ounces, enough for a 4 hour ride on a hot day. It uses the tried and true tubing and mouth piece for quick drinks on the fly. It is also made of nylon ripstop and reflective trim. And in case you are at the beach, the Deluxe Beach Backpack, 635-81, will take care of your day. It has a detachable water duffel and is divided into two sections: the top mesh section holds clothing, towels, etc. The bottom section is an insulated cooler (featuring thermo guard) that keeps food hot or cold for hours. It also has two large zipper pockets, extra mesh pockets, exterior rip-stop nylon body with a non-slip waterproof base and ergonomic foam shoulder straps.

It is always fun and healthy to take a hike every now and then, go on one soon and experience it for yourself. For gears or backpacks, visit us at today and choose from the many items ready for order. Find out more ideas and useful tips from various sites on the internet.

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