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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Summit's New Portable Freezer

Portable freezers are soon becoming more in demand. These freezers have the ability of fridges or regular freezers (larger in size than portable freezers) and the mobility of portable coolers. These products are considerably smaller than regular commercial or residential sized freezers, and their compact size makes them easy to carry around. Portable freezers are usually similar in size, shape and overall appearance as a cooler, except for their performance. A portable freezer can keep items cool and more than that, it can also freeze them and keep items like frozen food at the perfect temperature. What's more? Some can even make ice anywhere you want. This does away with the hassle of carrying ice cubes or chunks in coolers when you go for an outdoor activity. Also, when you are transporting medical items which need to stay at a specifically lower temperature, a portable freezer is what you need.

Summit's newly launched portable freezers are highly efficient, model SPRF26M in particular. It is a lightweight portable cooler which operates by a high quality compressor and can be plugged into the 12V DC lighter socket inside any vehicle or a 24V battery source. An AC adapter is included with the unit for alternate use in a 110V electrical wall outlet. Its resilient gray plastic exterior is fitted with a specially installed chrome lock to protect contents and sturdy side handles for easy carrying. A separate cart trolley is included to make transporting this unit even more comfortably. This unit can also be set at refrigerator or freezer temperatures with the capability to reach -18 deg Celsius. A digital thermostat with an external LED thermometer display allows easy temperature control without requiring users to open the lid. It can hold up to 26 liters in its durable hammered aluminum interior. In addition, its conveniently versatile design and reliable storage conditions make it ideal for applications that require easy transportation of cold items, such as collecting samples or administering vaccines at an off-site location and more.

Founded in 1977 in Albuquerque, N.M., Summit is a highly competent and a world class manufacturer of high quality appliances for household, medical and scientific purposes. It is one time tested and proven brand name whose products we proudly offer at our store at with best services and deals.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Igloo Sport Coolers

Sport or any other outdoor activity is always healthy and pleasurable. However, these activities can be useless or become boring without some supplies that keep us active like cold water and beverages. Sports coolers can double the enjoyment of any sport. When we get tired from playing, cold water, juice or any other beverage can re-invigorate our body and these coolers help in keeping the beverages cool.

When we think about sports accessories, Igloo brand comes to our mind instantly. It is a well-known brand that makes some of the best coolers and is offering a wide range of sports coolers. Each cooler from Igloo comes with unique features and user friendly designs. Research shows that Igloo sport coolers are high in demand and have become one of the top choices for sport lovers. These sport coolers come in different designs, types and sizes. Let's have a glance at the features of some sport coolers from Igloo:

Igloo Marine 25 Ice Chest Cooler: With excellent features and quality, Igloo Marine 25 Ice Chest Cooler, model 6776, has become one of the most selling travel coolers in the industry. With rugged durability, this Igloo cooler is perfectly suitable for outing and marine fishing. Its unique design makes it suitable for small and large boats. It is equipped with fish measuring ruler molded on its lid, swing up handles with tie down loops and UV inhibitors.

Igloo Playmate Elite Ice Chest Cooler: The good looking and excellent design of Igloo Playmate Elite ice chest cooler makes it ideal for picnics, outdoors, tailgating, beaches and even on the road. With 15 liters of capacity, it is ideal for food, canned or bottled beverages on job sites too. This Igloo ice chest cooler is equipped with top push button which provides easy and one-handed opening.

Igloo Maxcold 120 Ice Chest Cooler: This great cooler by Igloo is well suited for family camping, tailgating, beach, hunting or backyard barbecue. The extra insulation in the lid and body helps in retaining ice for up to 5 days. Along with user friendly design, Igloo Maxcold 120 ice chest cooler is also equipped with snap lock and child safety lid latch.

Bring home one of these great appliances and experience refreshing chilled beverages whenever and wherever you go. Visit and find out more about these unique Igloo sport coolers with excellent features.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day Hiking Gear and Tips

Only those who love hiking know what it is to tread a path less trodden or make your own way through the green, to breath in the reviving smell of the forest or to stand on top of a mountain. The experience as well is better felt than told. Hiking could also be therapeutic and one of the best ways to destress yourself. However, a proper planning is important. It is essential to have a knowledge about the area or possess a map of it along with a hiking backpack, as light as possible, that has hiking gears and kits needed during the journey. These few things in hand and ideas in mind can make hiking safer and pleasurable any day.

As far as gears and kits are concerned, there are all types of them available in stores. A plan and a little research will get you the right stuffs. There are also useful advises and hiking ideas online. If you are going on a long hike or biking, you may need a backpack that can also keep your fluids cool to beat the heat on the road. Hydration Backpack Cooler, model 648-00, from Picnic Time is just the right stuff. It has a two-liter reservoir, 67 ounces, enough for a 4 hour ride on a hot day. It uses the tried and true tubing and mouth piece for quick drinks on the fly. It is also made of nylon ripstop and reflective trim. And in case you are at the beach, the Deluxe Beach Backpack, 635-81, will take care of your day. It has a detachable water duffel and is divided into two sections: the top mesh section holds clothing, towels, etc. The bottom section is an insulated cooler (featuring thermo guard) that keeps food hot or cold for hours. It also has two large zipper pockets, extra mesh pockets, exterior rip-stop nylon body with a non-slip waterproof base and ergonomic foam shoulder straps.

It is always fun and healthy to take a hike every now and then, go on one soon and experience it for yourself. For gears or backpacks, visit us at today and choose from the many items ready for order. Find out more ideas and useful tips from various sites on the internet.

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Sanyo Medical Refrigeration

Refrigeration technology is not limited to home, hotels and restaurant only. Refrigerators are not only used to keep beverages cold, but they are also used to keep bacteria away by keeping things at appropriate temperature. There are lots of other fields where refrigerators are employed in plenty and medical field is one of them. Medical refrigerators are very different from domestic refrigerators. The most important thing about medical refrigerators is their safest storage feature. Today's medical refrigerators are used to keep blood and various tissue samples for research purposes.

In laboratories there are many items that need to be kept at specific temperatures. In these places, medical refrigerators or biomedical refrigerators are used to keep such temperature sensitive materials safe. Some of them are to be kept at extremely low temperature to keep them infection free. A mere change in temperature can cause severe damage to items. Looking forward to this, Sanyo has introduced its biomedical refrigerators which are widely used in many hospitals, labs and other research centers.
Sanyo is a global leader in providing solutions for the environment, energy and lifestyle applications. Over thirty years, Sanyo has emerged as a premier manufacturer of biomedical and laboratory equipments. In response to the need of leading pharmaceutical, biotechnological, clinical and industrial customers, Sanyo medical refrigeration offers a unique perspective on scientific research in general.

Sanyo MDF-U730M, biomedical laboratory upright freezer, is a product which is designed to meet the demanding standards of clinical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological and other industrial applications. This biomedical laboratory freezer is designed with all the features required for biomedical research and biotechnological applications such as superior uniformity, microprocessor control, large, flexible storage capacity and more. Additionally, it comes with front mounted display, control panel with new microprocessor, memory backup, temperature display, alarm system and non-volatile memory. In biotechnological applications, it ensures effective storage of enzymes for genetic research as well as culture media, reagents and samples for testing.

Sanyo offers a wide range of biomedical laboratory freezers that are suitable for all medical and industrial needs. You can find other laboratory freezers such as critical storage undercounter laboratory freezers, cell culture incubators, heated only incubators, general-purpose laboratory refrigerators and more at All these Sanyo medical refrigerators are available at discounted prices.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Engel Portable Travel Coolers

Traveling with all your favorite eatables and drinks is the most preferable thing one always dream of. During summer, availability of cool beverages can double the enjoyment of your travel. Whether you travel along with your family, friends or you are on an official tour, bringing along a cooler where you can keep your fruit juice, canned beer, ice cream or more and have them whenever you need, definitely adds up to all the fun on the road. You cannot imagine to bring your large refrigerator with you but a portable travel cooler can replace it sufficiently. The dream of keeping eatables and drinks fresh while traveling has been fulfilled by Engel portable travel coolers.

Thanks to Engel portable travel coolers that proved to be a boon by making travel more comfortable. These units are trusted for their tough construction, superb performance and longevity. Engel is a global leader in 12 volt portable refrigeration technology. Light weight, low power consumption, durability and consistent reliability makes Engel portable travel coolers one of the top choices of travelers. They can be used anywhere while traveling like planes, cars, trucks, small and large boats.

The MT45F-U1 is an excellent portable travel cooler by Engel. It is great for people on the move as it can be easily taken anywhere they like. With 43 quarts capacity, this portable cooler is a powerful AC/DC refrigerator freezer which is capable of freezing almost anything. To keep you out of botheration while traveling, this travel cooler is equipped with automatic temperature control, removable basket and easy to clean plastic lining. To run this portable cooler all you need is a 12 volt power source like a car battery or household 110 volt power supply. This Engel portable travel cooler is ideal for fishermen, boaters, campers, truckers, remote cabins, and reps on the road.

If you are a regular traveler or planning to go on a trip, Engel portable coolers can be your best companion. Whether traveling for pleasure or work, when you want to have the conveniences of home with you, these Engel portable travel coolers will prove to be your best travel buddies and take care of your eatables and drinks. So sit back, relax and enjoy the trip knowing your food and beverages will be fresh and cool when you are ready for them.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Energy Star: What Does It Mean?

Energy Star is an international standard for energy efficient products. According to it, devices carrying the Energy Star logo use 20% to 30% less energy than required by federal standards. Its creation is dated back to 1992 under the Clinton Administration by the United States Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), in an attempt to reduce energy consumption and emission of greenhouse gases by power plants. Though created in the U.S., nations like Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan and the European Union have also adopted the plan. Energy Star has been hugely pivotal and successful in energy conservation and reducing pollution.

Today there are numerous energy star appliances available for consumers worldwide. More appliances like computers, refrigerators, air conditioning appliances, lighting and also home office and even new homes are coming up with the Energy Star qualification. The growing use of energy efficient lightings like the fluorescent lighting and LEDs can be credited to this program. The 2006 estimation by EPA, according to which about $14 billion was saved in the year alone in energy costs, is a success story. It is essential that consumers are aware of such programs that benefit them as individuals and also have an overall global impact. A label on a product can effectively differentiate energy efficient products making them visible and easy for buyers to pick the right product. Thus your spending can also in turn become saving!

How the EPA rates a product or how a product earns the Energy Star label can be found out in detail at the official Energy Star website. Generally, some guidelines are followed and tests are conducted on the products that determine which one qualifies or which one doesn't. For instance, a product must have the features and performance demanded by the consumers and a significant level of energy saving.

If you are buying a new appliance or starting a new business or building a new home, visit the website and find out the various possible ways to wisely buy or build. Also, as specification differs with each item, the EPA revises it from time to time. Updates regarding the revisions can also be found at the site. Apart from this you can also find out about tax credits for energy efficiency, the Energy Star Appliance Rebate Program and Recycling with Energy Star and more.

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Energy Efficient Freezers from Sanyo

The application and use of freezers and in turn their production is almost rampant today. Some decades ago, freezers and refrigerators were meant for storing food at home or producing ice only. However, this limited usage of freezers has changed with the coming of modern supermarkets, research labs, etc., that extensively utilize them. Therefore it is essential that buyers make the best purchase that will bring them maximum benefit. A good freezer, as it is considered to be one of the most powerful home appliances, should be environment-friendly and energy-efficient too.

The market is witnessing the growth of competition in the production of high performance and energy efficient freezers. Manufacturers are coming up with better and innovative models that consequently pave the way for even better ones to come. Sanyo is an exemplary brand that endorses the production of environment friendly and energy efficient home appliances. Its hybrid rechargeable battery - Eneloop and adoption of its new brand vision (Think Gaia, Think for life and the earth) are testimonials. Freezers from Sanyo are equally laudable too. Its new upgraded and best selling V.I.P. ultralow temperature freezer series like MDF-U33V has further enhanced performance, reliability, stronger security, improved inner doors uniformity and upto 25 per cent of increased interior volume. In addition, Sanyo freezers come with extraordinary features like CFC free, quiet and reliable compressor, rechargeable battery, Sanyo designed cascade cooling system, etc.

Other biomedical and laboratory freezers by Sanyo such as the critical storage undercounter laboratory freezers, cell culture incubators, pharmaceutical refrigerators, apartment size refrigerators, plant growth chambers, cryogenic freezers, counter-high refrigerators and more, come with high performance and energy efficient designs. Most of them also come with an energy guide certificate based on the standard test conducted by the U.S. Government on energy efficiency. These unique and efficient freezers from Sanyo are in stock and ready for order at along with each unit's detailed information that'll help you understand their pros and cons while buying one.

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